Who We Are

Saiman's history in the Indian Hairpin Industry:

We are a third generation manufacturing company, specializing in and ONLY in the manufacturing of the BOBBYPIN.

Like the product itself, our beginnings were fairly humble as well, when my grandfather, Mr. Kantilal Botadkar, in 1945 started making these bobbypins with hand press machines, where the entire process of drawing the wire and forming the pin was done by hand. No machines, just plain hand power!

He then slowly expanded by buying second hand imported Heidelberg machines, and thats when our growth started. Since the product was fairly necessary, demand was never an issue. By 1965, we had a full fledged mechanized plant with 8 machines and producing about 200 kgs of hairpins a day. 

Sadly, in 1969, our patriach, Dada, as he was fondly known, left us due to illness.  

My father, Mr. C.K. Botadkar (Nanubhai to the business fraternity) had taken over the helm at our factory in Mumbai, after which he expanded the operations to another manufacturing in central Mumbai in Prabhadevi. This is our current operational facility. In addition, he also added another plant in GIDC in Gujarat at Navsari. He decided to expand Saiman's product portfolio by adding a manufacturing unit for safety pins- another generic but a very necessary product!

By the 1980's, Saiman had well established brands and unique packaged products. At the helm of this was LEADER, a price sensitive product for the price sensitive woman. We still have a strong foothold in the "affordable" category after 35 years of starting the brand. Apart from this, we have devised various packaging modes like the small plastic cases, called "Dubbies" in India. Pins packed in these miniature cases, are easy to carry in purses and remain intact. SHAIFALI and TIPSY are our main brands in this category.
By the 1990's, India was going through a phase of export- oriented growth and Saiman clinched its first export client in the U.K. Obvoiusly, our website www.bobbypinsindia.com also has been in existence since a few years now!
We are now a fully integrated company with the strengths of our home grown brands in the Indian market, coupled with our core competency of manufacturing, aiding us to become a quality bespoke Private Label manufacturer in the Hair Sundries market of Europe. We can take pride in having kept a very stable and enabling relation with our customers. Being a family-owned business, helped us inculcate a habit of nurturing our clients' brands like our own and that has always given us an edge.

Kantilal Botadkar
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Kavishree Botadkar
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Kavishree Botadkar